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How it works:

Sun Room sessions range from 2 to 20 minutes, depending on your sensitivity level to sun exposure. We recommend starting with 2 minutes of exposure time and gradually progress to the maximum 20 minutes, if desired.

One session includes 25 minutes in the private Sun Room (up to 20 minutes of lamp use and 5 minutes for changing) with a maximum of two sessions per week recommended.

Sessions are available by reservation only and within our regular business hours.

Sun Room (UVB light sessions) are $40 for 8 sessions (two per week for four weeks). Identification for age verification is required or written and in person parental consent. Sessions are not refundable and are non transferable to another user. Protective UV goggles are available for purchase at Summer Bistro for $20.00 +HST; but you are welcome to bring your own. Users will not be permitted to enter our UVB room without protective eyewear in hand. Download Terms of Use

You can complete the form below to reserve your Sun Room time or call us at 709-689-7137

Girl arms outstretched enjoying the sunshine in a field

    Get your Vitamin D!

    What are the common signs of possible Vitamin D deficiency?

    • Daily aches
    • Pains
    • Fatigue
    • Frequent or worsening of pre-existing illnesses

    Why are many people living in the north deficient in vitamin D?

    • Short summers
    • Suns UVB rays are weaker the further you are away from the sun; unlike the sun near the equator
    • Frequent cloud cover/fog, reducing the amount of sunlight (Newfoundland is famous for our cloudy days and fog)
    • Colder climate makes it difficult to achieve enough unprotected skin exposure to natural sunlight (can you imagine talking a 20 minute walk wearing only a bathing suit in January?)

    Did you know that digestive issues can reduce our ability to absorb sufficient levels of vitamin D through diet and oral supplementation?

    Having digestive issues ourselves, we realized we were struggling with vitamin D deficiency!

    How to achieve optimal vitamin D level?

    Direct, unprotected full body skin exposure to UVB light!

    Our Sun Room is equipped with a SolRx 1000-1740 (10 bulb) Narrowband (311nm) UVB lamp (medical therapy grade). The average person can produce up to a one-month supply of their vitamin D needs in just 20 minutes of full body exposure. And there is no risk of developing vitamin D toxicity since the human body knows exactly how much it needs and when to stop producing!

    Dr. Michael Holick has done extensive research in the field of vitamin D and it’s benefits. Find out more about Dr. Holick and his work.

    Where did we source our Narrowband UVB Lamp?

    Our lamp was engineered and manufactured by Solarc Systems Inc of Ontario, Canada.

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