What ingredients are in our foods?

Our kitchen is 100% gluten and dairy free (wheat and dairy products do not enter our kitchen). We use a wide variety of wheat flour substitutes including: teff, sorghum, white rice, brown rice, sweet rice, tapioca starch, and corn starch. Many of our foods contain eggs, but we do offer egg free foods within our vegan selects. Most of our baked goods contain xanthan gum (gluten replacement) as well as psyllium husks (natural fibre and serves as a binder). Alternately, we do use ground chia seeds to replace eggs from time to time.

We include non-GMO products as much as possible, dependant on market availability. We select natural ingredients (free from chemical additives, dyes, and artificial flavourings). We LOVE to include LOCAL products whenever they are available. Otherwise, we try to stock ingredients made in Canada. When there are no other options, we do import some items (i.e., we carry dairy substitute products from Greece and Scotland).

Organic produce and products are our preference, and we do our best to include them in our foods. Always, we search for local organic products first.

What ingredients are in our vegan food options?

Beyond Meat is our preferred alternative meat product since only natural ingredients are used to make these products. We ensure egg replacers for all our vegan options and our vegan cheese selections are plant based (oat, coconut, soy, or cashew varieties). And of course, lots of veggies make up our vegan options!

What are our business hours?

Our current business hours are Monday to Wednesday, 11am to 3pm, Thursday to Saturday 11am to 8:30pm, and Sunday 10am t0 4pm. 

Can we cater to unique dietary needs?

If you let us know in advance, we make every effort possible to ensure your food meets your unique dietary needs. Except for some baked goods, all our foods are prepared from scratch in small batches within our own kitchen, making it possible to offer substitutions or modifications. In fact, any of our frozen foods can be custom ordered to suit your dietary needs 😊.

Are our wines and beer gluten free?

YES! We also stock locally made beer and wine products. Only one exception is Corona Extra, which we stock to show support for our non-gluten free family and friends.


Is Summer Bistro a seasonal operation?

Absolutely not! We are in full operation all year round, bringing you the enjoyment of great food, safe for everyone, in a summer vibe atmosphere!

Do we deliver?

At this time we are not able to offer in house delivery. But, soon we will be partnering with Skip the Dishes for your home delivery convenience!


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